Sunday, April 22, 2012


There can be no denying it, no putting it off, no hiding in a corner and pretending like it isn't here.  Spring has arrived with a decisive voice, a short heatwave, flowers, and the mowing of grass.  For a few days here, we've been having summery conditions, days in the 80's, intense sun.  I did an stout hill climb on the bike with two fine young men, Kevin and Richard, who will join me for a tour in about three weeks.  We loaded up trailers with 40+ lbs of stuff and hauled them up a mountain, sweating hard in the first heat of the season.  This morning I hiked up on the mountain behind our house.  Below are two pictures of the same location taken only a week apart:

It was a good morning to be in the hills.  I'll miss the green of spring, for in these regions, the grasses are golden brown most of the year.  For a few weeks, we riot in growth, but it isn't long before everything dries out, and California takes on its signature look of tawny hillsides and overarching oaks.  For now, I'll take the spring.  Those of you in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the fall!

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