Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ice bears

The biggest storm of the season and the best snow dump in several years has blanketed the Republic of Tehachistan in the heavy white stuff, about 8 to 9 inches at our compound elevation of precisely 4,000 ft.  The highway was closed, so travel to the salt mines--er college--was out of the question.  We got out early with Django for a slog through the hills, enjoying every minute of it.  I've been doing some chores that have been sitting around for ages, like fixing up my panniers that I use for commuting, and I'll be getting fully caught up on work I collected yesterday, but then I'll suffer after the weekend with a minor avalanche--pun intended--of backlog.  Oh well, live for the moment, rejoice in the gift of snow as ravens cut darkly through pale mist, trees set like dead nerves against the grey sky.

Our home street:

A rare sighting of the elusive ice bear:

Ice bear recovery after a hard play in the snow:

Be well, adventure hard, and get out there--regardless of the weather...


  1. I bet you wonder how you ever lived without him :0)

  2. Hey, Dexey: Oh, you got that right. 'Bout to take him our right now. At least it's above freezing this morning in our particular mountains. Be well over there in Merry Old Angleland!