Saturday, August 9, 2014

Truck load


Did one of my favorite things: A big beer/grocery run on the bike, this time the Haluzak towing a Burley Nomad.  I loaded the rig up crazy and had a blast, although the tail was wagging the dog a bit.  I could feel the weight tugging at the rear axle at times, and I descended grades carefully, as is only prudent.  A 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Summer Lager, two big jars of Pace salsa, two jars of peanuts, two quarts of half-and-half, a bag of carrots, two bunches of bananas, two bags of chips, a pound of fine Sumatran dark roast, two fat cans of tuna, and a TON of veggies from our local organic family farm.  I don't know what it all weighed, but it was a fine load towed in fine style.  I had to battle the usual steep grade up to my house, about a half mile of 5 to 11%, but I geared down and powered up, not too bad really, although it was already 80 deg. F. by 10AM as I climbed the hill.  We've got at least another month of summer heat down here.  I can't wait for autumn, my favorite season.

Ride hard, and keep your rubber on the road.

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