Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Quick Test Ride and Patchy Run

Took the retooled Phatty Trike out for a quick run on a dirt track along one of our several canals.  Patchy ran off leash like the lunatic he is.  I got to feel out the trike changes.  Flat, pretty smooth riding meant no challenges to speak of, but I noticed that when the going got rough, the chain would catch a little on the tire knobbies when in the lowest cassette gear--not bad, but noticeable.  I'll have to add a couple of washers, which will likely necessitate an even longer bolt through the idler.  Fortunately, I saw 1/2 in. longer bolts in the same style at the hardware store, so it's all doable. 

The ride was a little rough with no weight on the rear wheel, and I'm running somewhat higher PSI in front.  Gotta get out with a full load and trailer again--not to mention climbing--to really put the beast through its paces.


1 comment:

  1. Looking good. I'm looking forward to see how that monster Catrike performs when you hit the road.