Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vision Quest: Day ten

Miles: Not many!
Climb: Zero, zip, nada

At last, a real rest day.  The wind blows hard all night, but we sleep through it.  We awake at our leisure, safe in the knowledge that for the first, last, and only day of this trek, we have no serious riding to do, no camp to break, no trailers to pack.  Bliss!  The air is fresh and bright, and it's good to be in the mountains in spring.  After lounging around camp a bit, we set off for town to lounge some more in a cafe, hit the library, confab with the locals.  Our short ride is immediately halted by a flat on Richard's bike.

Finally, off to the cafe:

Dig these greens (and reds and yellows...) :

The scene in the Surprise! Cafe:

Clouds moving in:

The frenetic metropolis of Cederville: 

Waves of rain come through, so we improvise our kitchen placement:

Obama is NOT a Kenyan!  He's a Mexican tortilla model:

Slow, relaxed, thoroughly enjoyable day of doing very little.  Exactly what the doctor ordered.  Tomorrow we will cross the mountains yet again to Alturas and pick up Hwy 395 for our last couple of days on the road.

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