Friday, November 16, 2012

Back in Jack

Yesterday was Jodi's 60th birthday, so after spending the last three months cycling like a maniac along the length of the Rocky Mountains, the next logical thing to do was to get back in shape for climbing beyond the tarmac.  Let's get vertical.  We loaded up the Subaru and headed out for our first day on the crags in about four months.  My last outing was marked by the unfortunate smashing of my left middle finger.  On the tour, that nail eventually came of with a minor tug--eeeeeuuewww.  The digit, however, is back up to rockin' standards, so it was time to get on the stone.  We were both a little nervous after spending so much time away from climbing, but we adapted quickly, especially since the kind of climbing at New Jack City featured above is so-called "sport climbing," which means bolts spaced closely together--perfect for weak minds and fingers.  We didn't climb anything too drastic, and we were both pleased at how relaxed we felt leaving the ground.  We didn't get any climbing shots because we were always busy either climbing or holding the rope, and the light was not the best, either, but here are a few photos to give you a feel for this strange, dark, metamorphic basalt.  It's not our favorite place to climb, but it was warm and still and almost empty on a lazy Thursday afternoon.

Jodi's gift--new iPod Nano--too cool:

Hiking in the rocks:



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JODI. But 60 way! It seems that the secret to staying young is to not sit around to long doing nothing. You just got back from cycling a few thousand miles and now your climbing rocks. You're making me tired thinking about it.