Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaack!

After three months of touring the Rocky Mountains from Jasper, Alberta (up there in Canada, don'tcha know), to Mexico, we're all back here in the lawless border regions of Tehachistan.  The fangs of winter are nipping at the heels of fall with the first snow of the season dusting the peaks.  I gaze in amazement at the weather forecast for Jasper: A low of -7 deg. F.!  It's good to be in the south, so to speak.  For those who didn't get the news, here's the link to the journal for the big tour:

Divide by Three

I will be making a few more posts on that journal to wrap things up--some general considerations and gear reviews.  There will still be plenty of cycling in our future, but we're both interested in regaining our rock climbing chops.  For me personally, I have a specific big climbing goal I want to achieve in 2013, which will be the subject of a post coming to this blog soon.

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