Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday spin

The enormous Rim Fire (300+ square miles) in the Yosemite region was expected to impact our air quality today with a "Air Quality Warning" issued for our neck of the Sierras.  This morning we suffered under the skies featured above.  I can't complain!  Okay, a little.  It was humid, but the building cloud cover shaded us from the full assault of the sun for much of the ride and made the final 10% climb back to our house almost pleasant.  A nice ride for sure.  I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon working on bike/trike maintenance.  A stubborn chain ring bolt needed replacing on Jodi's Catrike, and I struggled mightily for some time before succeeding.  Boy did that feel good when I finally got it out--a stupid little task that took far too much time, sweat and swearing, I tell you what.  Then it was on to the Haluzak and a much needed front derailleur  adjustment, which lead to a much needed general cleaning, especially chain and chain rings--freakin' filthy.  I gotta do a cassette clean on that rig, too, I tell you what.   Still, it was fun and productive to futz with the velo-gear for a couple of hours, and the Haluzak is now scrubbed and ready to rock for the big ride down to Bako on Tuesday.  Get out and ride, folks. 

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