Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two autumn rides

Our first ride together for the fall 2013 season and it was a beauty.  Winds from the east scoured the sky and burnished the blue and left us gaping in wonder.  We scrapped plans for a rock climbing day, rigged the trikes and cranked out the twenty mile, two thousand foot round trip to Keene.  Jodi and Django slug away at the big grade in the photo above.  This is my 100th post, and it's nice to feature a beautiful ride.  The Microshift levers on the Expedition are still proving their worth.  After our big 10 day tour to Vegas this winter, I'll post more about them and any other gear that needs discussing. 

Ever since early August, Jodi and I have been thinking about where we were this time last year--in the Rocky Mountains, of course.  Below I've uploaded a couple of pics from this day, 2012.  We were in the heart of the Colorado mountains in the vicinity of Hot Sulphur Springs, and Jodi had just recovered from a harsh bacterial infection caused by bad water.  It would come back to haunt her when we landed in Espanola, NM, but for the rest of Colorado, we were in fine form.  September 28th has proved a blessed day for this triking couple.

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