Sunday, December 22, 2013

Photos from a road trip #1

We finally got on our way.  The grades, at long, bloody last, had been posted.  The house sitter was put in place, the rig packed, the winter air clear and crisp.  Our first stop was Joshua Tree National Park, featured above.  I didn't get any action shots of the climbing, but that sunset was one for the record books.  We're still adapting to life on the road, the tight quarters of the camper, the long winter nights.  The climbing has been going okay, but we both feel rusty and need to log more time.  Still, hiking, gawking at the big desert sky, climbing a few rocks, what more can you ask for?  Important, too, is digging deep into books we've been nibbling at but not really digesting.  My current read is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell--fantastic!  Count me in as a major fan.  Below are a couple of shots from hiking up Teutonia Peak in the eastern Mojave.  Currently we're doing a Las Vegas drive-by to visit some relatives.  Can't wait for southern Arizona.  Looks like good weather, at least for a while. 

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  1. Sweet!! Look forward to more adventure pics.