Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rocky bits

We've been seduced by the gravity dance lately, so I thought I throw up a few photos of our cool/cold weather destinations.  The lead photo is from Texas Canyon, as a few below will show as well.  It's a strange conglomerate that can have loose pebbles and holds, but these clean up over time, but if you look closely you can see holes, pockets, knobs and nubbins.   Some of the biggest holds are chunks of coarse granite somehow glued to the matrix--weird and fun.  All of the climbing is bolt protected as there are few cracks.  The route above is unnamed, clocks in at easy 5.9, and runs for a full rope-length, about 150 ft. 

Jodi and Django keep a sharp eye on the fool on the rock:

Next we sampled some limestone way out in the desert:

December on a south-facing crag and we were hot!  Not scorching, but Jodi did construct a shade structure for Django, which he was happy to use.  We enjoy this time of year when the rest of the country is icy and cold and we get to grab sun-warmed rock.  Of course, in August, this wall would be killing-hot.  Everything to its season.  Currently, this is our seasons as I type these words:

So we hunker down, sip hot coffee, and enjoy the snow as it blankets this remote corner of Tehachistan.  The ice bears are coming down out of the high peaks.  Time to sharpen some sticks and stoke the fires.

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