Saturday, February 28, 2015

A day in Texas (Canyon)

Jodi and I squeezed in a day of rock climbing before a big series of storms came in.  Aptly, we did for the first time a route called "Before the Storm," a line that had intimidated me for years.  It went beautifully.  So mostly it was a day outdoors, no one around, just the breeze, the rock, the edge of a storm rolling in, spring asserting itself on the slopes.  Pretty damn perfect if you ask me.  Below, a panorama of the scene.  For scale, consider that the big rocks are about 200 ft. high from the base.  As always, click on the photos to scroll through bigger versions.

Student essays, bills, a week of work until the next outing.  No complaints, really, but sometimes you want to do just a little be more....

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