Monday, May 18, 2015

Training, Riding, Life

We need to keep our eyes open, for life, in it's seemingly infinite variety, will come rushing in to amaze and inspire us, give us a glimpse into another world.   Yesterday, while so many were just learning of the death of Dean Potter, I was out riding, getting in shape, preparing for a big tour in June.  The world keeps turning and so must we.  I set out with a thickly loaded trailer tugging at my heels,  my legs protesting but taking the demands well enough.  Blessed by cool May skies, intermittently cloudy, moody, I dropped off our home slopes and climbed steadily for about an hour to a favorite summit and plunged down the other side, gingerly working the brakes, keeping the Haluzak and Burley trailer in check, the wind ripping through my hair, whistling across the vents in my helmet.  I banked smoothly, endured the cattle guards and bumps and began the return leg.  I stopped to take a photo of my rig for this post, but not a dozen yards later, the devil pictured above blocked my path.  Horned toad lizards are rare in these parts, so I had to stop and get his autograph--and clear him from the road.   The beast was surprisingly easy to sneak up on--but not so easy to catch.  After the slick close up, a Keystone Cops' routine ensued with the little bugger running under the trailer and bike and back and forth until I finally pinned him.  These lizards don't bite, at least in my experience, and the spines, though fearsome in appearance, don't harm the skin.  I love these little micro-dinos!

I set him a few yards from the blacktop and wished him well--or her.  Who can tell?  The road was waiting...

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