Friday, May 8, 2015


I've managed to well and truly tear some intercostal tissue.  This is NOT fun, and I only recommend it to my enemies, violent criminals, ISIS members and their ilk.  Back in March I was pulling for glory on--for me--a challenging climb.  I pulled something in my lower right ribcage area, but after only a few weeks, I really started to improve.  By late April I was working out pretty hard, climbing well. On the mend, yo!  Then, last week, going good in a workout with only very minor sensations in the affected area, doing a big set of pull-ups and...POP!  I felt it go, almost heard it.  I did a little climbing a couple of days later--mistake.  This puppy is screwed.  I have to get very serious about recovery and giving it time, which I should have done earlier, damn it.

I guess if I can influence one person to be more careful with this kind of injury, this experience and blog post will be worthwhile.  If you have this kind of injury, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH REHAB!  If you have ANY twinges or sensations in the recovering area, STOP.  Back way off.  Don't go big, like I foolishly did.  I feel like a right idiot about now, and my climbing plans for this late spring and summer are almost certainly ruined.  I don't see why I can't ride, so thank goodness for recumbents, but still, who votes for painful limitations?

On Monday I go to see a chiro who specializes in "Graston Technique," which looks really promising.  I'll report back.  Be careful out there, folks, and be good to your bodies.  They're all you've got.

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  1. There are definitely some benefits to being a couch potato. But then life would pass us by.