Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy packing fool

I'm up crazy early, about 4AM, too torqued to sleep, getting ready to launch the big Vision Quest Tour of 2012, the fourth annual effort to introduce young riders to the rigors and joys of long distance cycling--the fully loaded, this-ain't-no-phreakin'-sagged touring kind.  This last week has been incredibly busy with final papers, final exams, work around the house.  Fortunately, Richard, one of my posse, wanted to leave a day later, AND everyone had the flexibility to do so.  Still, I've been spending hours getting the gear together, selecting this, tossing that, picking up some basic supplies, a few greenbacks for the road, and I'm still not done.  Hence the early rising.  I wanted to throw up a quick post and say that it's possible I'll do an update or two from the road, but the terrain is remote, libraries likely few, but we do have a layover day in Cedarville, which may have the facilities for an update.  A full report with scads of photos will have to wait for my return.  Here's the route:

Vision Quest 2012

Be well, and may your adventures be abundant and wild!

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  1. I hope that you'll be able to check in from the road a few times so I can live vicariously following your Quest. Rock on!!