Monday, June 11, 2018

Back into the sand

Took the Expedition out to the sandy track but this time added 20 lbs. to the panniers to see what difference it would make.  Not much.  Sand is and will remain a killer.  When the road was normal, reasonably hard dirt?  Enjoyable, easy climbing.  But with the least bit of sand, I would start to struggle.  Add a little more sand or a slight grade or steepening?  Doom.    It was super fun coming down hill, however.  With a trailer and heavier loads? Fugetaboutit. So I'll need to research more east side roads to find suitable training opportunities.  They're out there.  Temps are set to climb here for a bit, so things will be heating up.  Ugh.  Me no like summer.  Except evenings by the creek with a beer.  Those are really nice.  Heh.

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