Sunday, June 10, 2018

Internet Info and Inspiration

I need to back off a little on my obsessive reading and viewing regarding the GDMBR.  It's still a long way off.  I'll be purchasing the updated book, and the maps will wait until sometime next year.  Mostly what I need to do is update Jodi's trike, the trailer, and do more training rides.  But I did come across a couple of resources that may help other folks considering the route.  Mostly I've been learning about what to avoid--New Mexico dirt roads after the rain!  We'll have to be weather hawks to keep a very tight perspective on what is coming our way.  With the trikes and a trailer, we'd be absolutely stopped dead by the mud featured in the film by the wonderful English woman on her "megamoon," a cute term for an "extreme" honeymoon.  The Crazy Guy on a Bike journal gave me a good look at road surfaces et al.  It seems clear to me now that the route with proper workarounds and planning and a willingness to suffer can be done on trikes with a dog.  We'll see how the training progresses.

From Crazy Guy:

A great short film, this is notable in that the couple not only started from the south, but finished in Banff in October!  Burrrrr....:

Keep the adventure cookin'.

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