Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A quick trip to the rocks...

Jodi, Django and I were blessed with the time and weather window to zoom out to the eastern Sierras for a day of rock climbing.  Our goal, as is often the case, the Alabama Hills, which we can reach in about two hours from home--traffic free driving.  Sweet.  The day was cool and bright with hardly a breath of wind.  We both surprised ourselves by climbing at--for us--a pretty good standard and no falls on some 5.10 climbs.  We have our aches and pains as a couple of middle-aged warriors, but overall, we done good.  I've got no action shots, but some mood pieces will have to suffice.  Above, afternoon sun on the rocks.

On the drive: Django in "Gimme sum!" mode:

One of our climbs: The route follows the clean, steep slab in the middle of the picture:

Waste not a minute (yeah, right!) for life is short....

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