Sunday, December 2, 2012

Re-Vision of the Vision Quest

This photo, by Louis M Lenzenhuber, features the central challenge of what will become of Vision Quest 2013.  While I still love cycling and touring, I've felt an overload of that type of experience, the unavoidable fact of cars and traffic and noise.  I feel it is time to test myself and the few who join me in a different way, a return to my roots. That huge mountain is Olancha Peak, the first mountain in the southern Sierras over 12,000 ft--12,132 ft. to be exact.  While not the highest in the range, its eastern aspect featured here provides an exceptional challenge: A continuous hiking and scrambling ascent of over 8,000 vertical feet starting at the desert floor amidst creosote bushes and finishing far above timberline where travelers will find nothing but rocks, ice, and wind.  If my young companions didn't find "visions" on the bike tours, this should do it!  Now, too, Jodi and Django will join us.   I suppose it is unlikely, but we're hoping to interest some intrepid women to join us.  Few, male or female, are up to the demands of my various Vision Quest expeditions, and this peak challenge perhaps winnows the field even more, but when I began to think about a different sort of outing, this peak immediately came to mind.  Years ago, pre-Django, Jodi and I ascended this route, and we still regard it as one of the most satisfying adventures we've ever had.  It's wild, it's difficult, and virtually no one does it, only adding to its appeal.  Included with this climb will be two days on the rocks and another mountain climb, a hard one-day ascent of Boundary Peak, 13,140 ft., highest peak in Nevada (photo from Wikipedia):

Overall, the adventure challenge will last ten days, provide a lifetime of memories, and raise a few dollars for wounded veterans.  Too many Americans go through their daily lives without thinking about the fact that we are STILL at war, veterans still coming home in need of care and support.  Bumper-sticker support is meaningless.  Participants in Vision Quest 2013 must provide at least $100 for the cause in order to come on the big trip.  That, however, is a whimpy amount, so I'm hoping for a better fund raising effort.


  1. The envy that stirs within me...darn you. My worn down joints and bones cannot handle too much time on foot, especially when the trail heads down. How I miss escaping the noise. But if one chooses wisely there is reasonable peace to be found cycling the pavement and finding quiet turnouts.

  2. Hey, Mark: Too bad you can't do too much hiking. Cycling is a lot easier on the joints, for sure. Indeed, pick your routes wisely and peace is thine.