Sunday, July 7, 2013


This may not look like a lot to many of you, but this is pure joy to my little cycling heart--and everyone in our area, motorists, too.  It's a road project that added nice, smooth shoulders along a rather sketchy stretch of road.  Except for a couple of short sections, and then rarely, I avoided this road, until now.  Crews are still working on culverts and drainage issues, and striping will be added, but the infamous Highline Rd. now has a fat, smooth shoulder--boooyah!  These shoulders go on for miles, too. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.  We're kind of a backwoods area of the state, but we've got a good representative, and stuff keeps happening.  I've still got a bike-centric wish list for the roads in our area--don't we all?--but I'm very, very happy about this.  Got out today for a nearly 30 miler with the old Haluzak, two major climbs, on the road a little before 6AM.  I had to stop and document a little groovy cyclishious blacktop love action.

Ride safe!

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