Monday, July 22, 2013


Silly post, I know, but DAMN!  It has been at least three months since we had ANY of this.  It's so dry here for so long that we forget that rain is even a possibility.  Here in the remote border regions of Tehachistan we get one or two of these storms a year.  As I type these words, the rain is already easing up, the blue creeping back in, the meteorological spasm fading.  But it was a glorious hosing!  I put in a solid and perfect 30 miles on the bike this morning before the heat of the day.   Then, the clouds gathered, grew heavy with moisture, and boom.  We may not see another like it for the rest of the year, no more rain until January.  Our wettest season is February through April.  Those of you in damp regions are laughing, but when you've gone 100 days without any rain, it's an amazing thing to see, a delight to hear, a gift to smell on the mountain air.

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