Saturday, August 17, 2013


The "beautiful woman" of a different, European variety, a tincture of this plant was used in eye droppers to dilate the pupils of women to make them more seductive.  Oooooh, baby, drop some of that there poison in yer eyes and you'll be sooooo HOT!  Add to that a dose of radium skin whitener, and we can see that the women's liberation movement didn't come a moment too soon. The European belladonna is among the most deadly of all plants, and a single leaf can kill an adult.  The so-called "jimsonweed" pictured above is our home-grown version and blooms in astonishing white trumpets this time of year.  Prepared properly, it can provide a dangerous hallucinogen.  Don't snack on this at home, kids.  

Went out for a walk in the woods at dawn, just good ol' Django and me, cool, even chilly down in "Sherwood Forest" as I call it.  I've seen bob kitties, coyotes and other critters down there.  Early morning is always the best time.  Recently, folks have been running sheep down there, so the grasses are virtually all gone.  It's an area we call the "doggie park" or "bark park," although it's really a long defunct golf course and adjacent land.  Django goes fully off leash and we can walk for an hour or more.  Not bad.

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