Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One year ago today

Hard to believe, but one year ago today, Jodi, Django, and I set out from Jasper, Alberta, bound for glory, sweat, and lactic acid.  It will be some time before we can undertake a similar journey.  Over the last few months, I've been working hard on a book about this adventure, and, unbelievably, I was able to get a literary agent in New York City to take a look at it.  Freaky, right?  I'm still a LONG way from getting published, if ever.  Of course, if I strike out with the big, professional publishing houses, I'll eventually go the self-publishing route, but this time, I wanted to give it my all and see if any of the big players might be interested.  For all the profound difficulty of that trek, and even though I said back then that I wouldn't repeat it, we would both like to be there again, suiting up, clipping in, heading south.  If anything, I think we'd both enjoy it more now than the first time.  I think I've developed a better perspective on suffering.  Of course, perspective comes easily when the sufferer isn't actually suffering! Harrumph.  So, in honor of that great trek and all those yet to come, I'll put up some photos of that first day:

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