Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Commute of the Gods!

Zippin' with ol' Zeus, I rolled away from my garage at 5:30AM yesterday for my first run of the semester down to the college.  Thor was kickin' Asgard to the northeast, lightning ripping through a dark wall of clouds.  Hot, humid, I started to sweat right away, over 70 deg. F. at dark thirty.  I pushed on, tipped my wheels over the pass and plunged into the valley.  Ferocious tailwinds kicked in, causing dangerous eddies and swirls as the road twisted down the mountain.  At times I was flying along at over 40 mph, others I had to unclip, hang a foot out just in case, and hold my speed under 20 mph when I would normally be doing close to 40!  Then, on the long, gentle decline at the bottom as the road straightens out, slicing through large orange groves, I maintained a steady 30+ mph with minimal effort--everywhere and all around a deep blue sky and towering thunderheads.  Breathtaking in so many ways.  It's good to be out on the bike sometimes, yeah know?

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