Friday, December 12, 2014

Desert Tour 2014: Cereal Killer and Food Stuffs

Mixin' up a big-ass brew of cereal for the road: fresh toasted organic oats, almond slivers and organic raisins.  I add whey powder and a greens mix (undenatured whey protein and Vital Scoop) for a solid shot of nutri-goodness in the morning that keeps this cyclo-psycho on the road.  Below are a few pics of other stuff, boxes, and freeze-dried goodies to keep us fueled on the remote sections.  Traveling on a heavily loaded tandem with doggie means we can't make the sometimes substantial distances between supply points, so we have to deal with "dry camps," places where there is nothing but creosote bushes and sand.  We have to carry backpacking style meals and water for sometimes many miles.  On the plus side, we get to spend the night in some unusual, beautiful places that, traveling more quickly, we'd just roll right by.

For meat--we're recovering vegans--we ended up purchasing--I kid you not--dog meat, i.e. meat for dogs.  Jodi found a source for organic, cooked, freeze-dried chicken and venison pet food.  The stuff is great!  She was unable to find equivalent "human" food, so what the heck?  We be dawgs anyway.  Bring it.  Woof!  Woof!

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