Friday, December 12, 2014

Desert Tour 2014

Above is the route that Jodi, Django, and I will be tackling in just a few days (click on the map for more detailed look via Ridewithgps).  As the rain comes down and snow blankets the mountains above 5,000 ft., there's no doubt winter is here regardless of the solstice.  It looks like the first days of riding will be cool and cloudy but with only a slight chance of rain--low about 30 deg. F., high about 44.  This will be a little unpleasant but not brutal.  We'll take not brutal, thank you.  We've got a bunch of chores to do to get finally ready.  We pick up the Uhaul on Monday; the riding starts on Tuesday morning after a 2.5 hour drive.  Let's hope for the best weather possible!


  1. Your posting trip here or at CGOAB?

  2. Hi, Mark:

    I'll be posting here. I like the format better--although fewer readers. I may post a thing or two from the town of 29 Palms or Joshua Tree, but mostly we're pedaling/camping/living unplugged, so I'll do a full write up with pics after the fact.