Sunday, December 14, 2014

Desert Tour 2014: The forecast

I know the thumbnail art makes the forecast look worse than what we are likely to encounter, but sheesh!  Tuesday is now a touch better, but Wednesday is worse.  The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh.  On the plus side, temps are pretty mild, although high thirties light rain is no joke, but since we'll be in the desert, continuous sheets of rain aren't likely nor predicted, art work be damned!  After the storm, as we settle into Death Valley, conditions are set to be just about perfect.  We've got good gear.  Looks like we'll need it.  The winds, praise Shiva/Wankan Tanka/Buddha/Jesus/etc., are predicted to be light.  That will make a huge difference.  Got to make sure all our waterproof systems are tight.  More packing and fretting today.  Tomorrow we get the UHaul and load for launch. 

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