Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gear talk: Tour coffee mug and coffee!

As my semester gasps its last gasp, I'm getting more involved in thinking and prepping for our coming epic tour through the Mojave.  Over the next few days, I hope to toss up a few posts about preparations, gear, the usual hubbub in getting on the road.  Our tour will involve 18 days of mostly very remote riding.

Jodi has been a wizard at collecting and putting together some awesome food options, which I'll post about later. Above is our coffee gear, super important for addicts on the road for a mid-winter tour.  The Mount Hagen Organic is a freeze-dried and therefore instant coffee that really tastes good--No Folgers/Nescafe poison for this crew, no siree.  Our usual dose is a 16 oz. mix of coffee and cream/half + half, with a shot of Ghirardelli for me.   The dosage could not be simpler: One heaping teaspoon cocoa, two heapers of coffee, and four heapers of the full-fat milk powder.  Working the mix with a fork into a paste helps eliminate any lumps. Then add the rest of the water to top off the mug--voil√†, smokin' awesome coffee.

I've found perhaps the perfect touring mug in the GSI unit featured above.  This green one is Jodi's and has some refinements not found on my older generation.  My cup has a very thin neoprene tube while this one is completely covered, including the bottom, with a non-skid patch.  Unlike my older mug, this one has a strap/handle that makes it easier to hold, especially for small hands. The lid has an O-ring and flip-top closure--super tight and leak-proof.  This bad boy is non-toxic and checks in at about 3.5 oz. Hmmm...may have to replace mine!

Stay tuned for route map and other goodies.

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