Friday, November 18, 2011

A cool November ride to the Yoga House

It was a cool and cloudy ride today at 4,000 ft. in the southern Sierras.  Django and I headed out for a yoga class.  It's about a 35 min. ride each way, and Django loves triking almost more than anything else.  What you see, minus some bigger panniers, is how we tour.  Django walks, trots, runs alongside up any hill of consequence, but on the downhill and much of the time on the flats, he rides in style.  The Doggles are now standard kit after something hit him in the eye during a mountain descent last year, although he only wears them while riding.  Out of the trailer, he's on my or Jodi's right side, away from traffic.  The trailer is a Cycltote, manufactured in Colorado, good old US of A.  It's a pricey unit, about $500 these days, but it is--by far--the best out there.  If you study the pictures, you'll see that the attachment point for the axles is above the bottom of the trailer, which greatly lowers the center of gravity for improved stability.  The center-pull tongue helps in this regard as well as (what you can't see) the canted inwards wheels.  On fairly straight runs with good line of sight, I routinely get to 30+ mph with super hound in the trailer.  He's clipped in, so there's no chance of a tasty looking squirrel tempting Django to leap out of the trailer.

Here's a little video clip of us in action.  I have weird expression on my face for some reason.

Bundle up, get out, ride!


  1. The picture of Django cracked me up!! What a great buddy to have on a ride.

  2. It's good to see Dlango in motion even if he isn't moving himself :0)