Sunday, November 27, 2011

A perfect little ride...

We have been blessed with a patch of ideal late-fall weather--mid 60's, bright sun.  Let's just say that living at 4,000 ft. in the transition zone between forest and desert has its compensations.  Jodi had not been out on the trike for a while, and some health issues have left her a bit nervous about serious riding.  She's getting better, but we don't know if we'll do the big winter tour we've been thinking about for months.  Right now I'd say that's a long shot.  But today was one for the record books, the light long and lean, clear and sweet.  It was good indeed to be out, pulling down a few miles.  We'll have those days when snow and ice cover the roads, but not today!  Tomorrow it's the big roll into the ditch (California's great Central Valley), my 45 mile ultra commute.  Before first light, I'm pounding the miles.  My only concern is a threat of tule fog, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.  I'll post after the ride to update.  Be well, and ride on.

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