Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Trusty Mtb Commuter

Although all of my long rides of ten miles or more are on one of my recumbents, which will be the subject of later posts, my most frequent ride is my converted mountain bike, an Ibex "Alpine."  For its given purpose, I've swapped out the suspension fork for a Nashbar rigid unit, added Paul Thumbie shifters and Dura Ace bar ends, and a nice Topeak disc compatible rack.  Fenders are coming soon, although in truly nasty weather, I leave the bike at home as I have to lock it up outside.  We don't get that many days of rain or snow here, so I do a lot of commuting straight through the winter.  If you look carefully in the picture, you might discern the frost on the grasses and snow and ice on the mountain above--a brisk and perfect ride!

I'm kind of a lone wolf as a bicycle commuter as I never see others out and about.  I strive to lead by example.  C'mon, who's with me?  The future lies this way....!  I love the early and late rides.  The bulk of my commute, however, is on county transit.  Bi-modal works for me, and I get to prepare for work, take a nap, and listen to the rantings of recently released convicts and stinky mental patients.  Ah, the joys of public transit.

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