Friday, November 11, 2011

A Recumbent Road Train

Behold the mighty Greenspeed tandem trike, the GTT.  This was our main touring rig for years and a fantastic vehicle.  Django the Wonder Dog tours with us, as you can see.  This was in Death Valley several years ago.  The photo was taken by Jonathan, a Taiwanese cyclist who stayed at our house for a few days and ended up joining us for a short tour.  We no longer have the tandem as Jodi decided she preferred being the captain of her own ship, and we find we're actually more efficient on two single trikes--Catrike Road and Expedition--than we are on the tandem, even with Django in tow.  Granted, he hikes and trots alongside up any grade of consequence and on the flats when he needs to put in a workout.  If you want fun, try getting a tandem trike up a twisting flight of stairs into a motel room.  Oh, yes, it can be done!

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The article: Touring Couples

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