Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Winky-Eyed Jesus and Other Undescribables

This is my first entry of a new blog devoted to the love of adventure and the celebration of movement and the written word. Recently, after much straining, grunting, and ranting at computer screens that mocked my very existence, I've published my new book:

The Winky-Eyed Jesus and Other Undescribables

The great trek that gave rise to the book was one of the best things I've done in this life, a deeply meaningful, wonderful, extraordinarily difficult pedal from coast to coast, solo, over 99 days in 2007. Others have done this ride, but each crossing is unique, and after my experience, I felt a strong urge to share it with others. This book is the result. More than anything, it was a labor of love, and I have three main objectives for it: 1) Give my readers a fun trip; 2) Give people a unique perspective on the United States and bicycle touring; 2) Inspire others to take up the wheel and the spoke.

This blog will be a place to look into cycling, cycle touring, writing and outdoor adventures. I'll rant about commuting; I'll post about touring; I'll record my thoughts on equipment; I'll be honest and crazy and live out loud. Although I'm reaching out to others in a virtual world, I am part of the American public devoted to authentic direct experience. Come along for the ride. All are welcome!

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