Monday, November 7, 2011

Storm and Shadow

Today's morning commute, a play of chill wind, clouds and snow on the mountains.  Winter is flirting early this season.  The high priests of forecasting have cast their runes and foretell of temperatures in the 20's F. tonight.  We'll see!  I'm blessed by a ride with views of mountains nearly 8,000 ft. high, frequently snow covered in winter.  Snow occasionally blankets the lower elevations, and then the bike stays in the garage.  Being south-central California, however, the snow doesn't last long.  Unfortunately, my commute is both too short and too long: only 2.5 miles to the bus but 45 miles from campus.  I do the ride down about once a week, but that ride is soon to be ended with the advent of winter.  When the tule fog sets its teeth into the valley, I hold off on the mega-commute until the season passes.  I may be crazy, but I'm not insane.  With visibility sometimes down to 50 feet or less, I'll encase my fragile bones in something more protective than a foam beanie and lycra.

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